This is the cast list for Total Drama Action. Most parts have the same actors/actresses, but a few have been changed. Once you read this and find out who you will be playing this season, comment to notify me. If you don't comment within The next 72 hours, your part will be given to another roleplayer.
*All characters with this star have a new roleplayer.

~Gwen~ will be played by JRO123.
~Heather~ will be played by Drfizwuz997xlol.*
~Duncan~ will be played by DegrassiFTW27.
~Geoff~ will be played by OMGitsGARRET.
~Lindsay~ will be played by Rocky XXVI.*
~Eva~ will be played by Rj3ful1.
~Courtney~ will be played by V.VonSchweetz.
~Tyler~ will be played by BoogieMango.
~Katie~ will be played by BatmanTDI.
~Noah~ will be played by Rockerboyalien4.
~Ezekiel~ will be played by Metanuki.

So, pretty much, Bridgette, Trent, and Harold are all open. If you have no characters on this list and you are not GODuncan, you have a much better chance to play one of them. Simply state you want to play them in the comments. You can sign up if you have a character already, but your chances are lower then those who don't. Thanks!

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