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This wiki is dedicated to role playing among users of the Total Drama Wiki. The wiki was founded on August 25, 2013. Make sure to join us sometimes on chat, and participate on our almost daily roleplays. Have a great time on the wiki! Vote for Featured Articles!

Featured Character

This week's featured character is Cody. He has already been eliminated from Total Drama Island, after he lasted a good four episodes. He was backstabbed by Geoff's alliance, leading to his downfall!

Our Latest Roleplay

Total Drama Island, a tv show where reality tv is spoofed with 22 teenagers fighting for the gold. Rivlalries and Relationships, Friendships and Backstabbing! We're down to our final sixteen!

What did you think of episodes one to five of Total Drama Island?

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Featured Roleplayer

The featured user for this week is V.VonSchweetz. She participated in our first ever roleplay, and has participated in a majority of them up to today. In Total Drama Island, our canon, she portrays Courtney and Beth. Make sure to congratulate her!

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