The Legend Of The Purple Tiger
Season 1, Episode 7
Date September 9, 2013
Challenge Track down a purple tiger
Episode Guide
"It'll Be Over Before You Don't Know It"
The Legend Of The Purple Tiger is the seventh episode of Total Drama Island.


Chris has the teams track down a purple tiger (actually an animatron controlled by Chef). The contestants search and search, until Lindsay accidently finds it. In the end, the beavers won...again. The final seven sasquatches voted, and in the end, it was Courtney who was sent packing. She was eliminated because of two brand new alliances. Stay tuned to find out who they are!


  • This episode established two new alliances.
    • Heather's alliance which consisted of Heather, Lindsay, Tyler, and Katie.
    • Geoff's alliance which consisted of Geoff, Duncan, Katie, Lindsay, Beth, and Tyler.

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