• Ginga Ninja Jack

    My First Post

    September 18, 2013 by Ginga Ninja Jack

    This is my post to get the badge! ^.^

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  • ChunkyChipackers

    All characters with this star have a new roleplayer.

    ~Gwen~ will be played by JRO123. ~Heather~ will be played by Drfizwuz997xlol.* ~Duncan~ will be played by DegrassiFTW27. ~Geoff~ will be played by OMGitsGARRET. ~Lindsay~ will be played by Rocky XXVI.* ~Bridgette~ AUDITIONS OPEN. ~Trent~ AUDITIONS OPEN. ~Eva~ will be played by Rj3ful1. ~Harold~ AUDITIONS OPEN. ~Courtney~ will be played by V.VonSchweetz. ~Tyler~ will be played by BoogieMango. ~Katie~ will be played by BatmanTDI. ~Noah~ will be played by Rockerboyalien4. ~Ezekiel~ will be played by Metanuki.

    So, pretty much, Bridgette, Trent, and Harold are all open. If you have no characters on this list and you are not GODuncan, you have a much better chance to play one of them. Simply state you want to play them in…

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  • BoogieMango

    Canon For Today

    September 14, 2013 by BoogieMango

    Could we maybe start at around 3 or 4 eastern?

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  • Funny99


    September 14, 2013 by Funny99

    Tell me "Hello"

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  • Drfizwuz997xlol

    Cannon today?

    September 12, 2013 by Drfizwuz997xlol

    will there be cannon today?

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  • Metanuki

    As the title suggests, I would like to expand upon Total Drama Mystery or possibly make a spin-off series. Of course I would make my own wiki for it but I would like ideas from some of you! My basic idea is just like Scooby Doo. A group of four kids and some kind of animal mascot solve mysteries while there is a greater plot at hand along with solving mysteries. So the positions to fill are:

    A leader (Fred) someone strong but also smart and resourceful and cunning.

    A brainiac (Velma) someone well rounded in overall knowledge of most things, usually having to do with machines.

    A jack-of-all-trades (Daphne) someone well rounded in everything really. From riding motorcycles to applying make-up.

    A slacker (Shaggy) Comic relief plus who doesn't lik…

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  • BoogieMango

    The Winner is Trent!

    September 4, 2013 by BoogieMango

    TRENT WINS TOTAL DRAMA COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • BoogieMango

    Total Drama College Poll

    September 3, 2013 by BoogieMango

    Who do you think will win?

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  • BoogieMango

    Please be in this chat by 4:00 PM Central Standard Time.

    P.S. If there are still stars whenever we type certain words, then we shall switch chats. Please wait for the signal from Sierrastalker or DegrassiFTW27 to switch chats.

    If we are missing someone but know they're coming, we shall wait.

    I may or may not be here at 4, but I'll try to be here as early as possible.

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  • BoogieMango

    We will resume the competition at 2:30-3:00 Central Standard Time.

    If you have forgotten, here are the results:

    16. Harold

    15. Zoey

    14. Cody

    13. Ezekiel

    12. Alejandro

    11. Robot

    10. Owen

    9. Izzy

    Duncan, Harriet, Heather, Lindsay, Noah, Scott, Sierra, and Trent are left in the game.

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  • DegrassiFTW27

    Here you can reserve your characters for the next season, you can be up to 3 and the rp will start around 4-6, see you then!

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  • ChunkyChipackers

    Here you can vote for featured articles for the week of September 10th to September 17th. Last week, our winning user was V.VonSchweetz and our winning character was Cody. Our winning roleplay was Total Drama: The Movies. Vote for next week's featured articles now!

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